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Modern astrology’s poorly kept secret is that most astrologers are incompetent to give proper counsel. They are unqualified because they do not even know the basic principle of astrology which is Krishna consciousness. A study of all the shastras without arriving at Krishna consciousness means the goal of learning has not been achieved. A non-devotee astrologer may appear to be knowledgeable, but just as a snake ornamented with a jewel is more dangerous than a naked one, so is a little knowledge dangerous without understanding Krishna, the source of all knowledge. That man who lives in a castle built upon sand cannot be said to have a nice house because it will soon topple for want of a foundation. Astrology that does not have support in Krishna consciousness is a useless waste of time because it will not save anyone from the insurmountable ravages of repeated birth and death. Rather, the great and many-branched endeavor of reading shastras without becoming Krishna conscious is little different from surfing the web. It will simply be a means of furthering our material sojourn.

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In this unique reading of your horoscope you are able get your answers through the combined effort of two individuals, whose experience in Vedic Astrology and Vaishnava philosophy counts to more than 60 years. Have you ever asked yourself about free will and what it has to do with astrology? Our will and our karma are perfectly intertwined. Even so a right choice is often difficult to make. Jyotish, or the science of light, has the ability to cast knowledge on all matters.

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